Committee Internship Program



The NJLA Committee Internship Program (CIP) provides an opportunity for library school students to become familiar with the New Jersey Library Association, particularly its committees; to network with peers and library leaders from around the state; and to participate in service learning. More information can be found here:

Application process

Any NJLA Member attending library school is eligible to apply for the Committee Intern Program, assuming they have not previously been a member of a NJLA Committee. Interns are recommended by the chair of the Leadership and Education Subcommittee and appointed by the NJLA President. 


Contact the Co-Chairs of the Committee Internship Program:



Program Coordinators: Erica Krivopal and John Wallace
Cynthia Allen, Personnel Administration
Kaitlyn Benesch, Member Communications
Katherine Brown, Public Relations
Kristen Crepezzi, Conference
Jessica Czarnogursky, Honors and Awards
Daniel Delmonaco, Intellectual Freedom
Kat Fanning, Leadership and Education
Kathleen Melgar, Public Policy
Amy Pasquariello, Scholarship
Irina Radeva, Professional Development
Lisa Thornton, Professional Development 


Program Coordinators: Erica Krivopal and John Wallace
Stacy Brody, Public Relations
Kristen Matteucci, Public Policy
Jessica Moskowitz, Fundraising
Samantha Rice, Honors and Awards
Stacey Shapiro, Conference


Program Coordinators: Erica Krivopal and Maureen Donohue
Maryjean Bakaletz, Member Services
Kerry Dubyk, Scholarship
Elizabeth Lien, Professional Development
Rachel Paulus, Public Relations
Stacey Shapiro, Professional Development
John Wallace, Public Policy
Ruth Ware, Member Communications
Jenny Zbrizher, Conference 


Program Coordinators: Erica Krivopal and Maureen Donohue
Kristen Anderson, Public Relations
Samantha Baird, Member Communications (Formerly Publications)
Kathleen DiGiulio, Public Policy
Marisa Hall, Conference
Amanpreet Kaur, Member Services
Alison Minion, Honors and Awards
Laura Rios, Professional Development
Karen Serach, Public Relations
Emily Witowski, Conference


Program Coordinators: Erica Krivopal and Karen Klapperstuck
Cassidy Charles, Intellectual Freedom
Kathleen DiGiulio, Fundraising
Maureen Donohue, Public Policy
Lisa Dunfee, Public Relations
Jennifer Hunter, Conference
Gary Marks, Public Policy
Megan Van Dorn, Member Services