History and Preservation Constitution

New Jersey Library Association History & Preservation Section Constitution

1. Name

The name of this organization shall be the New Jersey Library Association History & Preservation Section, hereafter called the Section.

2. Objectives

The objectives of the Section are:

a. To recognize and promote the work of New Jersey libraries and their professional employees who collect, organize, conserve, preserve, publish, and interpret historical materials;

b. To encourage and promote publications dealing with the history of New Jersey;

            c. To foster the exchange of information through workshops, lectures, tours, and other programs;

            e. To provide a liaison between the Section and other agencies and organizations engaged in the fields of history and preservation.

3. Membership and Dues

Individual membership shall be open to any person who has paid all dues assessed by the NJLA. Membership is not open to institutions. Only members hold voting privileges.

4. Officers and Executive Board

The officers of the Section shall be President, Vice-President/President-Elect, Secretary, and Past-President. The Executive Board shall comprise the Section Officers and up to four (4) Members-at-Large.

5. Government

The membership assembled in a Section meeting is the highest authority of the Section. The Executive Board shall manage Section affairs, except that the membership assembled in a meeting shall be able, by majority vote, to overturn a Executive Board decision or to require it to take an action.

6. Meetings

Section meetings shall be held on a regular basis for the purpose of providing a program of interest to members and to transact business. Special meetings for any purpose may be called by the Executive Board.

7. Bylaws

The Section shall have such bylaws as may be necessary to regularize its organization, administration, and operations. Bylaws may be changed by majority vote of the members present at a Section meeting.

8. Amendments

Amendments to this Constitution shall be proposed in writing or via e-mail to the Secretary. Proposed amendments shall be issued to the membership at least thirty (30) days before a Section meeting in order to be discussed at that meeting. After being discussed at the business meeting, a proposed amendment shall be voted on within 30 days. If the preference of the membership is to vote via online ballot, that method will be used. Alternately, an in-person vote at the next Section meeting also may be considered valid. A majority of the votes cast shall be binding.