Leadership and Education Subcommittee

The Leadership and Education SubCommittee is responsible for the Emerging Leaders program. Emerging Leaders started with a grant from the Karma Foundation in 2002. The first session had 26 participants with less than five years experience in libraries in NJ. Since then, the program has continued to provide leadership training for librarians new to the profession or new to NJ librarianship.

The committee also coordinates the Committee Internship Program for students pursuing their Masters in Library Science. The internship program provides an opportunity for library school students to become familiar with NJLA, particularly its committees; to network with peers and library leaders from across the state; and to participate in service learning. CIP offers the possibility to connect, to learn, to succeed, to advance, and to lead.



  • To study and review the needs for library education in New Jersey in all fields of library service and on all levels of training including continuing education.
  • To recommend methods of meeting these needs.
  • To encourage participation in leadership roles in the Association ad provide training for potential leaders.
  • To liaison with the Nominations and Elections Subcommittee to review the leadership needs of the Association.