Members Services Committee


The Member Services Committee's aim is to study the membership "market" and recruit new members; to study institutional and individual member benefits and to develop recommendations that address member concerns; to follow-up with members who don't renew membership and research with non-members to determine factors affecting decision; to welcome and orient new members to the Association.


  • To identify the needs of personal, institutional, commercial and affiliate members.
  • To address these needs, either through the Committee or through cooperation with another Committee, Section or Ad Hoc Committee within the Association.
  • To promote and enhance membership in the Association through recruitment of new members, and the preparation and distribution of membership materials.
  • To review membership/category fees annually. To coordinate the activities of the Personnel Administration Subcommittee and the Subcommittees for Scholarship, Nominations and Elections, and Publications, and any other subcommittees and ad hoc committees under this committee.